Having a Bad Day?

Here’s the deal: you hear an amazing and inspiring message on Sunday at church. You determine that this week will be different than last week. But Monday morning rolls around and the baby wakes up super early, the dog gets into your neighbor’s yard, your spouse is clearly not getting a clue, and your kids are acting like they are from another planet. Worse than that, stress over finances, fear about your health, anger at a person, or shame over your entire state of affairs creeps in.

Suddenly, you’re in a downward spiral, and you yell at your kids, give your spouse an eye roll instead of a kiss goodbye, slam the door as you put the dog back in the house, burst into tears when you realize you forgot to make an online payment, and fall into a defeated heap on the couch, where you binge watch a Netflix show and give into the ice cream you weren’t going to eat. This week was going to be different!

The Bible says that Satan comes immediately to try and steal the Word out of our hearts. How? By getting us to ignore the Spirit and focus on the flesh. He tries to brings negative feelings and negative thoughts, but he blames those thoughts and feelings on people or circumstances. He doesn’t want you to know that he’s the one behind it. If you blame your spouse or your circumstances or your bills for your rotten attitude or the fear, then you will never get to the true culprit.

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not blaming EVERYTHING on the devil. If we LEAN to our flesh and soul realm, we will always REACT instead of RESPOND, always SINK instead of SPEAK LIFE, always GIVE IN instead of GIVE IT TO GOD.

That’s when you have to decide who you will listen to and who you will serve. We all question our faith at points in our life, but that’s where we have to rely on the Holy Spirit to confirm what is the truth. Creation itself tells us that there is a Creator who is intricately involved in our lives. However, GOD CAN ONLY DO FOR US WHAT WE BELIEVE HE CAN DO FOR US. Why? Because He gave human beings free will. He gave us the opportunity to involve Him in our lives or not, to speak life or death, to choose blessing or cursing with our words. If bad things have happened in our lives it is because human beings have chosen evil, NOT that God has allowed or desires evil to happen. He will not violate human free will because He wanted children who would be in a real relationship with Him out of CHOICE. He did not want robots who had no choice but to love Him. If you have had bad things happen or you are not experiencing the victory paid for by Jesus, perhaps it is either because other people in your life have chosen evil, or you do not fully understand your total authority over evil. Jesus gave us authority to speak with total authority and belief, and see it come to pass. Mark 11:24 says that when when you pray, believe that you receive, and it shall be done for you. Romans 8:11 says that the same power that brought Jesus out of the grave is now inside of us, restoring our bodies with life.

But God has already given us the gift of salvation, and with it came all that we need for life. It is now our job to enforce the victory paid for on the cross. It is our role to choose what we believe. God is only good, and he only loves. John 10:10 says that Satan comes to steal, kill, and destroy, but Jesus came to give us life more abundantly.

Get angry at Satan and realize that you have total authority over him when you submit your life to God and resist Satan. Command any evil presences of fear, sickness, depression, doubt, etc to go now in Jesus name! Then find scriptures that talk about that particular struggle and speak those out loud!

I am praying for you, my dear. You are special, and God thinks you’re incredible, so don’t believe any lie that says you aren’t.

Big Love,

Amy xoxoxo 

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