Healed Spine!

I just wanted to tell you my "Healing Testimony." The word this past weekend has set me free. Thank you Amy for your ministry.

Two years ago I went from 180 pounds to 220 pounds. I have been very miserable. I have been under the care of the doctor who said I had Osteoporosis then Lupus, but God canceled that after receiving the test results. This year they took x-ray and said I have sciatica nerve in my lower back against my spine, which had caused me to have pain sitting or standing for a period of time. I had been in therapy for the last three weeks and it didn’t work.
But, Sunday during the 2016 Provision Conference, WOW! When you told everyone to lay their hands on their pain and pray, I prayed in the spirit and believed God that this was it. I was tired of not sleeping at night because I couldn’t get comfortable. When you called for altar prayer, I knew I had to go up to have someone to agree with me that I was healed. So, when you lay your hands on me, I felt nothing. I thought just for a second, am going to experience something new? Yep! See, I wanted to get emotional (that’s my past) but I surrendered to the Holy Spirit. When you spoke, “it is done,” and I stood there, I had no idea what was going on with me.  As I turned to walk down the aisle, it was like me walking on a runway. No pain! Glory!!!! I could have shouted, but I didn’t. I went to the back of the church and stood there, drunk in the spirit and amazed at what God had just done for me. Now, I'm just waiting for the weight to drop off.
Thank you for your ministry of healing.
“I will nerve be the same.” My name is Sheila, a child of God and I am healed.

—Sheila W.

“I witnessed Amy's struggle...”

"Amy's healing story is one of the most incredible we have witnessed in our ministry years, and is so very personal to us since she is our precious daughter. As her mother, I witnessed Amy's struggle to work through the spiritual and emotional battles, not to mention the physical pain of illness. After searching for answers from doctor after doctor and even the Internet to no avail, I watched as Amy made a decision and "all in" commitment to possess God's promises for her life and health. The morning she awoke completely healed and called me in tears of joy is unforgettable.

"Our God is a healer and you can have His promises come to pass no matter what circumstance you face—just follow Amy's journey and do what she did by faith. I have witnessed her minister healing to many others with compassion and great power over sickness.

"Amy is an anointed worship leader (the purest worshipper of God I know), and one of His most tender, thoughtful people. When she faced physical pain and emotionally challenging disfigurement, we all struggled to understand how this could happen to her. Discovering the real origin of sickness and the answer God provides to combat it changed everything! Without any medical interventions, today she is healed and completely whole, fulfilling her destiny in Christ."

Drenda Keesee, author, speaker and TV host, Drenda.com

I wanted to let you know that what you shared on Sunday regarding your healing has so inspired me. Healed is who I am, blessed is who I am, prosperous is who I am! I haven’t stopped saying it to myself and others. Your words were very encouraging.
— Robin from Columbus, OH
Thank you for sharing your miracle healing tonight! God is so amazing! I was so touched and moved by your story. Thank you for praying for me and your word from the Lord. His love fills me with such joy!
— Stacy from Mount Vernon, OH
Hi Amy! I just wanted to tell you how much your healing testimony spoke to me at the women’s conference last weekend. I appreciate your story so much because I know God is no respecter of persons! Thank you for sharing!
— Lisa from Ohio