amy's incredible true story will inspire your faith!

For nine years, Amy knew something was wrong with her body. From her back to her legs to her abdomen, she hurt. And slowly her body became disfigured, with her spine full of knots and her stomach so swollen that people constantly thought she was pregnant.

Losing hope, with no answers, and worried that she would never be able to have children, Amy’s struggle turned inward, and self-hatred became a constant voice. Multiple doctors and many years of heartache later, she encountered something that would alter her life—and her body—forever.

Read as Amy recounts how she was “Healed Overnight,” losing thirteen pounds and nine inches in her waist, waking up to a new body and new outlook on life!     

In her new book, “Healed Overnight: My Encounter with the Supernatural,” Amy shares her amazing true story, along with lessons on identity, emotional health, faith, authority, and God’s love. Relive the experience that left her completely changed, and learn how you, too, can experience the power of God to transform. You’ll also read other supernatural healing stories, many of which happened as a result of people hearing her testimony.

Amy’s true story will spark hope and encouragement in your heart so you, too, can receive your miracle. Click on a link to the right for purchase options on, Kindle or iBooks!


“Healed Overnight is the story of my daughter’s amazing healing, but it is also one of the greatest creative miracles I have seen with my own eyes. Prepare to be changed!”  

—Gary Keesee, Author, Speaker and Host of “Fixing the Money Thing”